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Social Freedom

The Liberatarian Party has been consistenly pro Gay rights since its founding in 1971. The Libertarian Party of San Francisco gave flowers to most of the gay couples getting married at city hall as a token of our Love. The right of adults to enter into the contract of marriage is a fundamental right that everybody has. It is the responsibility of the governnment to enforce contracts and that responsibility is spelled out in the Constitution. No special rights are granted just to straight people in the Constitution.

One of the greatest things about the Libertarian party is that it is made up of former Conservative Republicans and former Liberal Democrats. It is such a pleasutre to see former conservatives embrace the concepts of social liberalism. Gay people are an open and powerful force in the Libertarian party.

Traditionally marriage was not in the scope of the government. The defination in Black's Law, the standard legal dictionary is the granting of permission for a Black Man to marry a white women. Nobody needs the government to give permission for Marriage. The governments intrusion into marriage was an unfortumnate result of the most brutal aspect of american history, Slavery. Marriage should be a private contract between individuals that is like all contracts the government is obligated to enforce. In the absence of a contract, the law should be rewitten to provide for binding arbitration in all marriage disputes. The political and religious bigotry of the family courts under both left and right leaning judges is legendary.

Democrats who have been made unwelcome by Howard Dean are especially welcome to join us.

December 24 , 2006 Blog entry

While googling an old buddy, I came upon this nasty bit of history...According to what few accounts exist of the incident, it began in July 1946, when Dorothy Malcolm and the Dorseys accepted a ride into town from Loy Harrison, a white landowner, to post bail for Roger Malcolm, who was in jail for stabbing a white man days before. Harrison was driving them all home that same evening, when a gang of white men, armed with shotguns, stopped and surrounded the car on the Moore's Ford Bridge. The mob dragged the four young blacks to a small clearing and riddled their bodies with bullets. The coroner estimated that 60 shots had been fired at close range.

The crime drew brief but nationwide attention, and the outrage that it sparked persuaded President Harry Truman to form the President's Committee on Civil Rights, which called for a federal anti-lynching law, abolition of the poll tax, and other civil rights reforms. But not only were the murderers never caught. despite a lengthy FBI investigation, the lynchings quickly faded from American memory.....

Thus there was a great urgency to reign in the power of States and localities to permit such nasty violence and oppression. At that time "States Rights" was a code word for sordid overt racist violence.

Flash forward to today. States rights have been castrated. Both sides of the so called political spectrum have rushed to Federalize crimes that were formerly only prosecuted at the State and local level. For example, Josh Wolf is being held in contempt by the federal Courts because he fimed an event where a San Francisco police car tailight was damaged. The fact that this is considered a Federal crime supposedly trumps the California law that protects Wolf as a Journalist. Very little action has been taken by the mainstream left to Defend Wolf. All of the defense of Wolf is based on the first Ammendment. No one raided issues of the Constitutionality of California's or San Francisco's soveriegnty as a proper defense for the lengthy of Wolf. First they came for Josh Wolf. Who is next.

The lack of concern over unbridled power needs to be reversed. The problem goes deeper than just George Bush. There is no guarantee that more dangerous politicians than Bush may gain power in the future. In times of economic or military unrest tyranny , unchecked by more leveheaded State Governments may be unleashed. Federal power over States was appropriate when the State Governments were tyrannizing the people. Federal power is now the primary tyrant, and needs to balanced. The litmus test for where the balance should be struck is very clear. Power should be balanced to protect the citizen from tyranny. Thus, it is time for the left to wake up and look at the calendar. It is a new Century. It is time to come to rally to the cause of balancing the power of the power of the Federal Government. I urge the reader to get a grasp of the wisdom in the 9th and 10th Ammendments of the Constitution and consider the plight of Josh Wolf.

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