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Imagine if They tried to Have a war, but they didn't have any money... The primary reason for this campaign is to ask San Franciscans to look deep into their hearts and seriously consider these four questions:
  1. Am I against War?
  2. Do I support a large Federal Government that can raise large sums via taxes and debt?
  3. Does making War take a lot of money?
  4. Repeat question #1.

The questions may seem a little flip, but I am as serious as a mushroom cloud. Please seriously consider your well intentioned answer to question number Two. It will be very difficult for most San Fransicans to answer No to question number Two. Our very identity is tied up with how we answer that question. Our feeling of caring and our hopes for a better world are tied up with that answer. It is our hopes and dreams that enable us to survive in a less than perfect world.

Our group identity is tied to our very DNA. Humans evolved as members of a group and sharing a common vision and idenity with the group was good for survival. But we are human, and as humans we can use our minds to rise above our DNA. Our DNA makes many of us crave sugar but many of us use our mind to control our natural urges for sugar. It is natural for progressive people to answer yes to question Two. For the sake of Peace, please reconsider. If just ten or twentyy percent of progressives stopped supporting the moneyflow to Washington the entire balance of political power could be shifted away from endless War because War takes money. Mohatma Ghandi said "If you think you don't matter, try sleeping with a misquitto." Your answer to question two does matter, and the choice you make for Peace in November does matter.

The Soviet Union fell, why not Nancy Pelosi and her support for the financing of War. Together we may just start a groundswell for a Peace loving USA, more like Switzerland than Emperial Rome..

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